various - We Are Machine Pop 3
We Are Machine Pop 3

This various's compilation "We Are Machine Pop 3", released in 2016, was added to my music library in February 2018. "We Are Machine Pop 3" is a record in the genres of electro pop and electro. This is a truly enjoyable compilation — rated 4.5 stars out of 5. I marked 9 out of 12 tracks on this collection as my favorite, including "Machine Pop Beat", "Television" and others. For those looking for similar records, we can recommend you “Off The Record” (Karl Bartos), “Triadic Ballet” by Metroland, “Pop” (Datapop) and “Evolution” (System). Last track of this record that I listened to was "Television" less than a week ago. Last track I changed score for was "Television", less than a week ago upgraded from 3 to 4.

No. Artist Title Length Played
1 Tobitron Self-Driving Car 6:31 1
2 Sector One I Hear Voices    5:25 1
3 Unisonlab Television    4:50 2
4 Kretz Generated, Alterated, Patterns    6:22 3
5 Zeitmodelle Datamorrow    3:04 1
6 Neon Machine Pop Beat    6:58 0
7 Modulation Zilog Z80 4:45 1
8 Niels Gordon Sternstrae    5:18 1
9 Deutsche Bank Zero Gravity    4:33 0
10 Maschine Brennt Backspace    4:32 1
11 Z:Industries A.I. (Psybient Mix) 4:13 0
12 DATAPOP Computer Pop    4:08 1
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