various - WOMG 23 This Is Electronic
WOMG 23 This Is Electronic

The various's compilation "WOMG 23 This Is Electronic", released in 2015, was added to my catalog of records in April 2016. "WOMG 23 This Is Electronic" is a record in the genres of electronic, dance and library music. This is a solid and well-received compilation — I rated it 4 stars out of 5. 5 out of 30 tracks on this collection are marked as favorite, including "Get Ready For Love", "Robot Rock" and others. There are certain records that are similar to "WOMG 23 This Is Electronic", like “Amnesty (I)” (Crystal Castles), “Symphonic Space Dream” by Space, “Rarities” by Paf and “Journeys” (Global Goon). Last track of this record that I listened to was "Shining in the Night" more than a year ago. Last track I changed score for was "Shining in the Night", more than a year ago upgraded from 3 to 4.

No. Artist Title Length Played
1 Samuel R. C. Sutton, Alexander D. Bachell Handprints 1:39 0
2 Samuel R. C. Sutton, Alexander D. Bachell Tidal Wave 1:53 0
3 Huw Williams Flashmob    1:49 1
4 Jevgenijs Semelis, Sample Magic, David Felton Let it Rock 2:18 0
5 Samuel R. C. Sutton, Alexander D. Bachell Here 2 Party 1:49 0
6 Gresby R. Nash Underpass 1:51 0
7 Huw Williams Robot Rock    2:23 0
8 Colin A. Flynn, David Felton, Sample Magic Circuit Breaker 1:55 0
9 Simon C. Carter, David Felton, Sample Magic Pandemic 2:05 0
10 Johnny James, Parker Jones, Liam Paton Nuclear    1:44 0
11 Philip Hochstrate Shining in the Night    1:58 3
12 Samuel R. C. Sutton, Alexander D. Bachell Get Ready For Love    2:03 0
13 Jonathan B. Buchanan, Harry Angstrom In My Heart 2:33 0
14 Oscar Hill, Justin Black Ushuaia Dream 2:33 0
15 Oscar Hill, Justin Black, Francois Oxford Counting Stars 2:04 0
16 Huw Williams Juicy Fruit 2:16 0
17 Samuel R. C. Sutton, Alexander D. Bachell Keep on Running 2:21 0
18 Ben Muehlethaler The New Frontier 2:11 0
19 Emre Ramazanoglu, Jamie M. B. Reddington, Charlie Tenku, Sara J. Novak The Time is Now 2:21 0
20 Tom Howe, Matthew J. Robertson, Mike Reed More Than This 2:04 0
21 Richard Lewis, Thomas A. Swindells Watch the Sky 1:36 0
22 Adam Aukai Le Blanc, Daniel Merlot Time to Fly 1:17 0
23 Shahrooz Raoofi, Lea Willis I'm Seeing Clearly 1:47 0
24 James Copperthwaite Lux Synthetic 1:37 0
25 Take Is It Love 1:56 0
26 Richard Lewis, Thomas A. Swindells Take Me Down 1:31 0
27 Daniel C. Holter, Tony J. Olla, William Kyle White, Michael R. Wisth Wolf Beach 1:34 0
28 Toby Hulbert From the Start 2:19 0
29 TEEEL Wait is Over 2:01 0
30 Israel P. Medina, David Felton, Sample Magic Washed Away 2:23 0
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