various - Valerie And Friends
Valerie And Friends

This compilation, "Valerie And Friends" by various, released in 2009, was added to my music catalog in August 2009. "Valerie And Friends" is made in the genres of disco and indie pop. It is a solid and well-received compilation — rated 4 stars out of 5 and it is recommended to anyone who hasn't heard it yet. "Valerie And Friends" is related to the region of France; it belongs to the francophone and western-european cultural world zones. 6 out of 17 tracks on this collection are marked as my favorite, including "Eyes Like The Ocean", "Long Distance Hearts" and others. Judging by picked selection, most tracks on this record are instrumentals and sung with male voice. They are also performed in medium profile/energy/mood. There are certain records that are similar to "Valerie And Friends", like “Not Saying Just Saying” (Shout Out Out Out Out), “In Ghost Colours” by Cut Copy, “Flora” by Moullinex and “Lite” by Popular Computer. Last track of this record that I listened to was "Eyes Like The Ocean" more than four years ago.

No. Artist Title Length Played
1 Minitel Rose Zombie Lady    vocal: male; mood: medium 3:36 4
2 Anoraak Long Distance Hearts    vocal: instrumental; mood: medium 4:04 5
3 Jupiter Starlighter 3:15 2
4 Dvas Inner Sanctum    vocal: instrumental; mood: medium 3:46 1
5 College The Light Of Your Dress    vocal: instrumental; mood: medium 4:45 2
6 Keenhouse Deep In The Forest 5:29 2
7 Electric Youth Faces 4:11 2
8 Russ Chimes Daytona 5:07 2
9 Maethelvin Lost In Big City    vocal: instrumental; mood: medium 3:16 9
10 The Outrunners Runaways    vocal: instrumental; mood: medium 4:56 10
11 Futurecop! Eyes Like The Ocean    vocal: instrumental; mood: medium 4:46 8
12 Moulinex, Press Release 1stracklove ((Instrumental)) 5:12 1
13 SymbolOne Last Scene (Daytona Mirage) 5:18 0
14 Xinobi Woodstock 4:58 0
15 Narctrax Excalibur Galactica 4:45 0
16 Loose Shus Red Sonja 4:26 0
17 Steve Moore Saturnalia 5:37 0
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