various - Ultimate Archive Lounge Collection
Ultimate Archive Lounge Collection

This compilation, "Ultimate Archive Lounge Collection" by various, released in 2013, was added to my music library in September 2016. "Ultimate Archive Lounge Collection" is made in the genres of lounge, easy listening and retro. This is an enjoyable compilation — rated 4.5 stars out of 5. I marked 6 out of 21 tracks on this collection as my favorite, including "In Vogue", "Hotel Exotica" and others. There are certain records that are similar to "Ultimate Archive Lounge Collection", like “Come in We're Melodica” (Chris Coco), “Aqua” by Kim & Buran, “Mambosa” by Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra and “Collected” by Gare Du Nord. Last track of this record that I listened to was "Man About Town" more than twelve months ago. Last track I changed score for was "A Welcome Break", more than a year ago upgraded from 3 to 4.

No. Artist Title Length Played
1 Robert Farnon All in a Dream 2:31 5
2 Ike Isaacs Springtime Feeling    2:19 5
3 Alan Moorhouse Love for You 3:24 4
4 Tony Osborne In Vogue    1:52 14
5 Pete Moore Rio With Love 2:29 3
6 Ray Davies Summer Breezing    2:49 7
7 Tony Osborne Springtime in Paris    2:39 6
8 Tony Osborne Man About Town 2:13 2
9 Ike Isaacs Free as a Bird 2:12 1
10 Billl Crompton, Ken Arnold, E Arnold Night of the Stars 2:59 1
11 Tony Osborne Mystique 2:27 1
12 Pete Moore Hotel Exotica    2:43 4
13 Alan Moorhouse Dream Holiday 2:21 1
14 Arthur Parr, Ed Margolis Magic in the Air 3:57 1
15 Bobby Lamb Colour of Summer 2:18 1
16 Frank Chacksfield Small Talk 3:06 1
17 Ronnie Price Riviera Dreams 2:13 1
18 Pete Moore Fly Away Days 2:40 1
19 Dave Shepherd, David Law Taking it Easy 2:59 1
20 Alan Moorhouse A Welcome Break    3:11 1
21 Robert Farnon Dream Lovers 3:51 1
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