various - Tokyo Bossa Nova Lounge
Tokyo Bossa Nova Lounge

This compilation, "Tokyo Bossa Nova Lounge" by various, released in 2002, was added to my catalog of records in January 2006. "Tokyo Bossa Nova Lounge" is made in the genres of easy listening and lounge. It is a solid and well-received compilation — rated 4 stars out of 5 and it is recommended to anyone who hasn't heard it yet. "Tokyo Bossa Nova Lounge" is tied to the region of Tokyo, Japan; it belongs to the far eastern cultural world zone. 5 out of 24 tracks on this collection are marked as favorite, among them "White Waves", "Siam-neko Wo Daite" and others. Judging by picked selection, most tracks on this record are instrumentals, sung in mixed voices and sung with female voice. They are also performed in medium profile/energy/mood. For those looking for similar records, we can recommend you “Luxury” (Fantastic Plastic Machine), “Triggers” by April March, “Shanghai Lounge Divas” (Ian Widgery) and “In Search Of Excellounge” by Gare Du Nord. Last track of this record that I listened to was "Summer Samba (So Nice)" more than three months ago.

No. Artist Title Length Played
1 Kiyoko Itoh & The Happenings Four O Ganso    vocal: female; mood: medium 2:28 16
2 Ruriko Asaoka Siam-neko Wo Daite    vocal: female; mood: medium 2:13 7
3 Akira Terao Kaze Mo Nai Gogo No Samba 1:53 5
4 Toi Et Moi White Waves    vocal: mixed; mood: medium 2:39 6
5 The Modern Playing Mate Day By Day 3:28 3
6 Mike Maki & Bibari Maeda Nemuritainosa 2:19 3
7 Kaori Kumi Kami Ga Yureteiru 2:51 2
8 Keisuke Egusa Call Me 2:58 2
9 Ryoko Moriyama Ameagari No Samba 3:11 0
10 Kazumi Yasui Warui Kuse 3:16 2
11 Kiyoshi Hasegawa Tomeina Hitotoko 2:40 2
12 Hiroshi Matsumoto Agua De Beber    vocal: instrumental; mood: medium 2:30 4
13 Purple Shadows The Joker 2:29 2
14 Akira Terao Anata No Kotoga 2:17 2
15 Tami Masuda Yattsu No Omoide 3:39 2
16 Hiroshi Matsumoto Meditation    vocal: instrumental; mood: medium 3:44 6
17 Kyoko Enami Sayonara Mo Ienakute 2:48 2
18 Hiroshi Kamayatsu Et Al When We Were 20 Years Old 3:50 2
19 Masami Kawahara Mas Que Nada 2:12 2
20 Kyoko Okada Donnafuni 2:30 2
21 Kyosen Ohashi Koryamata Minasa Hyakumenso 2:51 1
22 Sumiko Sakamoto For Me 3:18 1
23 Ryoko Moriyama Akogare Wa Tsubasa Ni Notte 2:39 0
24 Keisuke Egusa Summer Samba (So Nice)    vocal: instrumental; mood: medium 2:53 7
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