various - Magnatron

The compilation "Magnatron" by various, released in 2015, was added to my music library in November 2015. "Magnatron" is made in the genres of synthwave and nu disco. This is a compilation barely on the edge of being enjoyable — I rated it 3 stars out of 5. I marked 3 out of 14 tracks on this collection as my favorite, including "Skeletons In The Attic" and "Gigawatt". For those looking for similar records, we can recommend you “Baikal” by B A I K A L, “Android Automatic” (Android Automatic), “False Awareness” (Unitra) and “Traveller” (Stilz). Last track of this record that I listened to was "Skeletons In The Attic" more than a year ago. Last track I changed score for was "Gigawatt", more than a year ago upgraded from 3 to 4.

No. Artist Title Length Played
1 Stoned Presidents Alpha (Hidden Bonus) 3:13 0
2 Waveshaper Crystal Protocol 3:52 1
3 Daniel Deluxe Star Eater 4:33 0
4 Tonebox Refractor 4:21 0
5 Zombie Hyperdrive Gigawatt    3:56 7
6 Let Em Riot Traces 4:44 1
7 MK Ultra Coast to Coast (feat. VidComm) 4:23 0
8 Miami Beach Force Hard To Catch    3:19 8
9 DANCE WITH THE DEAD Skeletons In The Attic    4:40 8
10 Tokyo Rose The Wraith 3:03 1
11 Turboslash Transphere 5:00 0
12 Kick Puncher Resolution 3:04 1
13 ORAX Missing 7:08 0
14 Botnit Unleashed 4:46 0
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