various - Blue Skied An' Clear
Blue Skied An' Clear

The various's compilation "Blue Skied An' Clear", released in 2002, was added to my catalog of records in May 2002. "Blue Skied An' Clear" is a record in the genres of Shoegaze, ambient, idm, tribute and indietronica. This is a truly enjoyable compilation — I rated it 4.5 stars out of 5 and it is recommended to anyone who hasn't heard it yet. 13 out of 27 tracks on this collection are marked as favorite, among them "When The Sun Hits", "Altogether" and others. Judging by picked selection, most tracks on this record are instrumentals, performed with electronic voice, sung with female voice and sung with male voice. They are also performed in low and medium profile/energy/mood. If you wanted to know about records similar to this one that we also have in this library, look at “Our Noise” by Herrmann & Kleine, “Sinescape.Embryo” by Vizion, “Lucky Cat” by Isan and “Late” (Duo 505). Last track of this record that I listened to was "Wherever You Are" more than eight months ago.

No. Artist Title Length Played
1 Future 3 Alison 3:13 2
2 Isan Waves    vocal: instrumental; mood: low 6:56 9
3 Lali Puna 40 Days    vocal: female; mood: low 3:53 7
4 Ulrich Schnauss Crazy For You    vocal: instrumental; mood: low 6:32 13
5 B. Fleischmann And Ms. John Soda Here She Comes 4:25 2
6 Limp Souvlaki Space Station    vocal: instrumental; mood: low 5:20 10
7 Solvent When The Sun Hits    vocal: electronic; mood: low 4:00 4
8 Styrofoam Altogether    vocal: male; mood: low 3:59 8
9 Skanfrom Here She Comes    vocal: instrumental; mood: low 2:32 3
10 Isan Celia's Dream 4:43 1
11 Komeit When The Sun Hits    vocal: male; mood: low 3:05 9
12 Manual Blue Skied An' Clear 5:33 1
13 Herrmann & Kleine Dagger    vocal: female; mood: low 4:44 6
14 Manual Summer Haze    vocal: instrumental; mood: medium 5:12 7
15 Isan My Last Journey 5:57 1
16 Guitar House Full Of Time 4:47 1
17 Ulrich Schnauss Wherever You Are    vocal: instrumental; mood: medium 6:39 20
18 Styrofoam Fade Out Your Eyes    vocal: male; mood: low 5:26 5
19 Populous Clijster 4:23 1
20 Future 3 Stuff 3:51 1
21 Solvent Instrumental    vocal: instrumental; mood: medium 4:03 4
22 Herrmann Und Kleine Leaving You Behind 6:33 1
23 B. Fleischmann Take A Day Off 5:57 0
24 Icebreaker - Manual Into Forever 5:07 1
25 Komeit Same Same 4:04 1
26 Ms. John Soda Solid Ground 3:28 0
27 Limp Silent Running 4:35 1
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