various - Королева Красоты
Королева Красоты

This compilation, "Королева Красоты" by various was added to my music library in October 1998. "Королева Красоты" is made in the genres of retro, russian and pop. It is a solid and well-received compilation — rated 4 stars out of 5. "Королева Красоты" is related to the region of Russia; it belongs to the eastern european and former soviet cultural world zones. I marked 5 out of 16 tracks on this collection as favorite, among them "Королева Красоты", "Лада" and others. Judging by picked selection, most tracks on this record are sung with female voice and sung with male voice. They are also performed in medium profile/energy/mood. If you wanted to know about records similar to this one that we also have in this library, look at “Александра Пахмутова” (Александра Пахмутова), “Moviestar - Greatest Hits” (Harpo), “Il Est Cinq Heures... Paris S'eveille” by Jacques Dutronc and “Ретро” by various. Last track of this record that I listened to was "Песенка О Медведях" more than three years ago.

No. Artist Title Length Played
1 Владимир Макаров Последняя Электричка    vocal: male; mood: medium 2:27 4
2 Советская Песня Синий Лён 2:26 0
3 Ирма Сохадзе Оранжевая Песня 2:57 0
4 Мария Пахоменко Качает, Качает... 2:17 0
5 Эдита Пьеха Наш Сосед 2:38 4
6 Тамара Миансарова Чёрный Кот    vocal: female; mood: medium 2:36 1
7 Муслим Магомаев Королева Красоты    vocal: male; mood: medium 2:35 6
8 Аккорд Назло 3:20 0
9 Ирма Сохадзе Топ-Топ 2:32 0
10 Аида Ведищева Песенка О Медведях    vocal: female; mood: medium 2:58 2
11 Вадим Мулерман Лада    vocal: male; mood: medium 3:22 7
12 Эдита Пьеха Ничего Не Вижу 2:07 2
13 Аккорд Пингвины 2:23 0
14 Эдита Пьеха Манжерок 1:54 2
15 Велло Оруметс Летка-Енка 1:56 0
16 Инструментальный Ансамбль п/у В. Людовиковского Встреча (Кавказская Пленница) 2:39 0
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