Simon Van Brussel, Daniel Benjamin - Dream Pop
Simon Van Brussel, Daniel Benjamin
Dream Pop

This album, "Dream Pop" by Simon Van Brussel, Daniel Benjamin, released in 2014, was added to my music library in February 2017. "Dream Pop" is made in the genres of melodic electronica and library music. It is a solid and well-received album — rated 4 stars out of 5. I marked 6 out of 14 tracks on this album as favorite, including "Tres Beut", "War" and others. For those looking for similar records, we can recommend you “Science & Discovery” by Matt Norman, “Forward Progress vol. 2” (Scott Dente, Ken Lewis), “Beats - Stay Positive” (Giacomo Trivelli) and “New Space” by Евгений Иконников. Last track of this record that I listened to was "Advert" more than nine months ago. Last track I changed score for was "Spaces In Between Spaces", more than nine months ago downgraded from 3 to 2.

No. Title Length Played
1 Lowly    6:26 2
2 Spaces In Between Spaces    5:24 2
3 Advert    4:41 2
4 Starlight    3:50 1
5 Brighter 5:14 1
6 Blinding 5:16 1
7 War    3:08 1
8 Gold 3:04 1
9 The Vault 3:36 1
10 Happy As 4:19 0
11 Tres Beut    4:32 0
12 Hostel 3:32 0
13 Alive 3:29 0
14 Time    3:21 0
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