Gare Du Nord - Rendezvous 8.02
Gare Du Nord
Rendezvous 8.02

The album "Rendezvous 8.02" by Gare Du Nord, released in 2012, was added to my music catalog in July 2012. "Rendezvous 8.02" is made in the genres of jazz, easy listening and blues. This album is below average — I rated it 2.5 stars out of 5. Average rate for a Gare Du Nord record is 2.5, which makes this album a medium quality record for Gare Du Nord's discography. "Rendezvous 8.02" is related to the regions of Belgium and Netherlands; it belongs to the german, francophone and western-european cultural world zones. 1 out of 11 tracks on this album is marked as my favorite, and it is "Tarantino's Tango". Judging by picked selection, most tracks on this record are sung with male voice. They are also performed in medium profile/energy/mood. For those looking for similar records, we can recommend you “Snowflakes & Jazzamatazz” by Shakatak, “Subversion” (Subversion), “Sailing. Парусный Спорт” by various and “Fame And Fortune” (Desmond Cheese). Last track of this record that I listened to was "Tarantino's Tango" more than five years ago.

No. Title Length Played
1 Tom's Song 4:06 0
2 What's Up! 4:13 0
3 Somethin' Like That 4:17 0
4 Pablo's Blues 2012 (Tarantino Mix) 3:57 0
5 Tarantino's Tango    vocal: male; mood: medium 3:12 3
6 Hey Mr. Glider 3:48 0
7 Groove Me Up 4:09 0
8 Poor Boy's Blues 3:57 0
9 Hotel Beat, Paris 4:16 0
10 Golden Days Of West Coast Jazz 4:15 0
11 The Great Fantastic 3:40 0
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