Dori Ghezzi - Velluti E Carte Vetrate
Dori Ghezzi
Velluti E Carte Vetrate

This album, "Velluti E Carte Vetrate" by Dori Ghezzi, released in 1987, was added to my music catalog in March 2017. "Velluti E Carte Vetrate" is made in the genre of pop. It is a solid and well-received album — rated 4 stars out of 5. Average rate for a Dori Ghezzi record is 3.33, so "Velluti E Carte Vetrate" appears to be a pretty decent record for Dori Ghezzi. "Velluti E Carte Vetrate" is related to the region of Italy; it belongs to the south european and western-european cultural world zones. 7 out of 8 tracks on this album are marked as my favorite, among them "Cosa Voglio Da Te", "Solo Un Momento" and others. There are certain records that are similar to "Velluti E Carte Vetrate", like “Around My Dream” (Silver Pozzoli), “Dimmi Quando” (Ricchi E Poveri), “Telephone Mama” by Gazebo and “Geminism” by Gemini. Last track of this record that I listened to was "Cosa Voglio Da Te" more than eight months ago. Last track I changed score for was "Solo Un Momento", more than nine months ago upgraded from 3 to 4.

No. Title Length Played
1 Solo Un Momento    4:02 5
2 E Non Si Finisce Mai    4:22 3
3 Donne Senza Età    3:47 4
4 Cercarti    4:32 3
5 Vanità    5:16 3
6 Mi Manchi Tu 3:37 3
7 Cosa Voglio Da Te    4:11 3
8 Velluti E Carte Vetrate    4:47 2
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