Csum - Music For Non-Silent Timespending
Music For Non-Silent Timespending

This Csum's album "Music For Non-Silent Timespending", released in 2016, was added to my music catalog in February 2017. "Music For Non-Silent Timespending" is a record in the genre of idm. It is a mildly enjoyable album — rated 3.5 stars out of 5. Average rate for a Csum record is 2.62, so "Music For Non-Silent Timespending" appears to be a good record for Csum's discography. "Music For Non-Silent Timespending" is tied to the region of Moscow, Russia; it belongs to the eastern european and former soviet cultural world zones. 5 out of 10 tracks on this album are marked as favorite, among them "Black Keys", "Nolifer" and others. There are certain records that are similar to "Music For Non-Silent Timespending", like “Damaged Reality” by Tony Deus, “Starfox” by Legobyte, “Spaceability” (Midimode) and “Restitutio In Integrum” by Stereo Modus. Last track of this record that I listened to was "Staticon" more than six months ago. Last track I changed score for was "Handful Of Stars", more than nine months ago downgraded from 3 to 2.

No. Title Length Played
1 Primer    3:31 1
2 Ozknob 3:33 1
3 Nolifer    3:06 1
4 Black Keys    3:19 3
5 Handheld Hell 3:26 1
6 Staticon    4:10 1
7 On Its Place 3:45 0
8 All Over That Far 3:41 0
9 Handful Of Stars    4:02 1
10 watch'questionmark'v=Lc7Lgzcz-Q0'And't=16M47S    4:09 0
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