ベッド・イン - RICH

This album, "RICH" by ベッド・イン, released in 2016, was added to my music library in January 2017. "RICH" is made in the genre of j-pop. This is an ill-fated album — rated 2 stars out of 5. "RICH" is tied to the region of Japan; it belongs to the far eastern cultural world zone. I marked 3 out of 12 tracks on this album as my favorite, including "SEXY HERO" and "V.H.S.". If you wanted to know about records similar to this one that we also have in this library, look at “ワンルームサバイバル” by セラニポージ, “KotoLyra” (MimiCof), “Beatless - Shoegazer Covers Of The Beatles” by Meeks and “Lucoq” by Calla Soiled. Last track of this record that I listened to was "♂×♀×ポーカーゲーム" more than five months ago.

No. Title Length Played
1 GOLDの快感 3:33 0
2 ♂×♀×ポーカーゲーム    4:53 2
3 Summer Dream 4:48 0
4 GIVE ME!~哀・してる~ 4:01 0
5 成りアガり VICTORY 4:39 0
6 太陽を信じて… 4:01 0
7 ROSA -魅惑のバリライト- 3:45 0
8 V.H.S.    4:45 0
9 SEXY HERO    4:01 1
10 C調び~なす! 3:44 0
11 真夜中のディスタンス 5:22 0
12 白黒つかない 3:25 0
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