Сек'с'оты - Стриптиз

This Сек'с'оты's album "Стриптиз", released in 1996, was added to my music library in June 2011. "Стриптиз" is a record in the genres of erotic, russian pop and dance pop. This is a really bad album — rated 2 stars out of 5. "Стриптиз" is related to the region of Russia; it belongs to the eastern european and former soviet cultural world zones. For those looking for similar records, we can recommend you “Sample Hits - 1” (Кристина Беда), “Первый Элемент” (Лилу), “Неизданное” by Dи-Бронкс & Натали and “Лучшие Песни” (Татьяна Овсиенко).

No. Title Length Played
1 Светка Мне Всё Объяснила 4:27 0
2 Горячая Линия 5:13 0
3 Стриптиз 4:14 0
4 Автостоп 4:42 0
5 Секс-Лифт 4:45 0
6 Секс-Туризм 4:48 0
7 Ещё 4:19 0
8 Леденец 4:38 0
9 Давай-Давай 4:07 0
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