Omar Rodriguez-Lopez
I started collecting music by Omar Rodriguez-Lopez in December 2016, and it was "Corazones", released in 2016. Since then, only one other record was added. Majority of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez's records are related to the region of El Paso, Texas, United States; the artist belongs to anglo-saxon and north american cultural world zones. Omar Rodriguez-Lopez's music can be categorized as psychedelic. Peak of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez's activity, covered in my catalog, was in the 2010s.
Latest studio album by Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, "Umbrella Mistress", was added to Aulismedia Music Library less than a month ago. Average rate for a Omar Rodriguez-Lopez album is 3.5. Omar Rodriguez-Lopez's total Pop Power is 8.1. Last track of this performer that I listened to was "Blood Count" from "Umbrella Mistress" less than a week ago.
Records of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez
Did you know?
There are 2 records by Omar Rodriguez-Lopez in my catalog, 2 of them are studio albums.
This artist has 9 selected tracks, and the total Pop Power for the tracks is 8.
Music of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez is in my catalog since December 2016
Overall average rate for Omar Rodriguez-Lopez's record is 3.5
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