DJ Bobo's Popular Tracks
There are fifteen selected tracks of DJ Bobo in Aulismedia Music Library, and among the most significant are "What A Feeling" and "Everybody" from "Greatest Hits". Total Pop Power value for DJ Bobo is 18.1.
Most popular tracks of DJ Bobo
Artist Record Track Rate Played
DJ Bobo Greatest Hits What A Feeling 4 21
DJ Bobo Greatest Hits Everybody 3 8
DJ Bobo Greatest Hits Somebody Dance With Me 3 7
DJ Bobo Greatest Hits Let The Dream Come True 3 6
DJ Bobo Greatest Hits There's A Party 3 4
DJ Bobo & Mike Candys Take Control Take Control 3 3
DJ Bobo Dance With Me Everybody 4 2
DJ Bobo Circus Are You Ready to Party 3 2
DJ Bobo Mystorial Believe 3 2
DJ Bobo Vampires Vampires Are Alive 0 2
DJ Bobo Dance With Me I Want Your Body 3 1
Dj Bobo & Inna Reloaded Everybody 2 1
DJ Bobo Greatest Hits Shadows Of The Night 0 1
DJ Bobo Vampires We Are What We Are 0 1
DJ Bobo Circus Good Life 0 1
DJ Bobo Circus Fiesta Loca 0 1
DJ Bobo Circus Welcome to My Crazy Circus 0 1
DJ Bobo Mystorial Mystorial 0 1
Did you know?
There are 8 records by DJ Bobo in my catalog, 4 of them are studio albums.
This artist has 15 selected tracks, and the total Pop Power for the tracks is 18.
Music of DJ Bobo is in my catalog since March 2008
Overall average rate for DJ Bobo's record is 2.94, average rate for a studio album is 3.13
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