I started collecting music by Baustelle in June 2017, and it was "L'amore E La Violenza", released in 2017. Although, no other Baustelle records were added since then. That album is related to the region of Italy; the artist belongs to south european and western-european cultural world zones. Baustelle's music can be categorized as alternative pop. Peak of Baustelle's activity, covered in my catalog, was in the 2010s. Baustelle's total Pop Power is 5.0. Last track of this performer that I listened to was "Eurofestival" from "L'amore E La Violenza" more than one months ago.
Records of Baustelle
Did you know?
"L'amore E La Violenza" is the only record by Baustelle
This artist has 5 selected tracks with total Pop Power value being 5.
Music of Baustelle is in my catalog since June 2017
Overall average rate for Baustelle's record is 3.5
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